Without wilayah for the Imams, one’s deeds are not accepted

 Shaykh al-Mufid, in his book al-Muqana’a, page 32.

In his chapter on what is obligatory for a Shi’i to believe about Imamate باب ما يجب في اعتقاد الإمامة ومعرفة أئمةالعباد

He mentions the names of the 12 Imams, their status (that they are the best creation after the Prophet, etc).

And then mentions the following: 

And [one is obliged to believe] that only by having ma’rifa in them (the Imams) and having wilayah for them - are deeds accepted.

Enmity towards them, and being ignorant of their status makes one deserving of hellfire.

وأن بمعرفتهم وولايتهم تقبل الأعمال، وبعداوتهم والجهل بهم يستحق النار

May Allah make us never ignorant of the Imams’ status