An effort to understand the Imams of Twelver Shi’ism

The Prophet’s Exploited Will

 - How did the Imams spend khums money?

- Why do the Shi’a call themselves slaves of the Imam?

- Cryptic names of the Imams

- Cryptic names of the Imams’ enemies

- Proof our Imams did taqiyya from non-Shi’i sources

- Al-Abbas ibn Ali from the words of our Imams

- Imam Hasan & Husayn praying behind Marwan

* Shi’i sources discussion

* Sunni sources discussion

- Imam al-Sadiq’s marriage alliance with Umayyads & Abbasids

- Our Imams’ activities in Morocco

- When did Abu Bakr’s enmity towards Imam Ali begin?

- Imam al-Sadiq speaking about Banu al-Hasan

- Will the Mahdi die and return to dunya (Raj’a)?

- When did the Ghayba of our Imams truly end?