Abu al-Khattab

A deep dive into the figure of Abu al-Khattab, the Bab and trusted deputy of Imam al-Sadiq (as). 

In this eight-part series, I attempt to reconstruct and validate the beliefs and character of Abu al-Khattab through all possible angles. 

The first two parts are written in a technical manner, as they were intended to be a Q/A-style rebuttal. The reader who does not have familiarity with the subject matter may find them slightly difficult to read.

The remaining parts are written in a linear fashion and easy to follow through with.

Part 1 (Abu al-Khattab)

Part 2 (Nails in the Muqassir’s Coffin)

Part 3 (Examples of Batinism)

Part 4 (Identity of the Imam)

Part 5 (Follow the Babs)

Part 6 (The Walking Qurans)

Part 7 (The Accursed Babs)

Part 8 (Wilayah of Abu al-Khattab)

Al-Mufaddal ibn Umar

A defense and reconstruction of the character of Mufaddal ibn Umar, the successor Bab to Abu al-Khattab.

Part 1 (Bab of al-Sadiq)

Part 2 (Mufaddal Does Not Pray?)

Part 3 (Condemning Mufaddal)


Part 1 (A Wayward Deputy?)

Part 2 (Truly a Safeer?)

Part 3 (Cursed in Dhahir and Batin?)

Old articles 

For the sake of organization & combining old information into new and more inclusive articles –

I have moved my older articles on Ismail ibn Ja’far into the Ismail section of my blog.

Whereas my articles on Mufaddal, etc can be found here.

As for my three published books, they can be found in this link.