Old Articles

Mufaddal ibn Umar

 Part 1 (Legalists & Esotericists)

Part 2 (Zurara and the Wayward Deputies)

Part 3 (Praised Only By Himself & Associates?)

Part 4 (Al-Mufaddal Does Not Pray!)

Ismail ibn Ja’far

Part 1 (Childhood and early life)

Part 2 (A Disobedient Son?)

Part 3 (The Faqih of Ahlulbayt)

Part 4 (Al-Mufaddal ibn Umar and Radicalization of Ismail)

Part 5 (Eldest son is the Imam?)

Part 6 (Rebels and the Accusations of Heresy)

Part 7 (Leadup to the Badaa’)

Part 8 (The Great Badaa’)

Part 9 (Proving Ismail’s Imamate)

Part 10 (Exoneration of Muhammad ibn Ismail)