Discussing proofs of the Imamate of Ismail ibn Ja’far (as), continuing from my book on the subject Misguiding the Shi’a.

The purpose is to reconstruct the beliefs and proofs of the historical Khattabiya (elite of Imam al-Sadiq), who believed that Ismail ibn Ja’far is the 7th Imam and Qa’im.

List to be completed in the near future.

Note: Some websites disingenuously copy information / analysis listed without credit. Anything presented in my articles is fully original.

Investigating Badaa’

Part 1 (Appointment of Ismail and Muhammad)

Part 2 (A Whirlwind: Dismantling Badaa’)

Criteria of Imamate

Part 1 (The Eldest Son: A Forgotten Imamate)

Part 2 (Imam Ali al-Sajjad, Eldest Son of Imam Husayn)

Muhammad ibn Ismail

Part 1 (Exoneration of Muhammad ibn Ismail)

Biographical Evaluation

Consisting of old articles:

Part 1 (Childhood and early life)

Part 2 (A Disobedient Son?)

Part 3 (The Faqih of Ahlulbayt)

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