Discussing the Imams’ views on hadith authentication and evolution of the process

Part 1 (Imam & Imams’ companions on authentication of hadith)

Part 2 (Hadith rejection & ijma’)

Part 3 (Quran & sunnah as sources of determing hadith authenticity)

Part 4 (Our Imams and Batini Ahkam)

Part 5 (Response to Ammar Muslim)

(Individual posts)

- Why are there chainless books?

* Why are many dua books chainless?

- Can we narrate from the wicked?

- Dangers of rejecting a hadith as fabricated 

- How to approach medical ahadith?

- How did Jabir ibn Yazid narrate 70,000 ahadith

- Why did Allama Majlisi include Sunni ahadith in Bihar al-Anwar?

- Imams doing taqiyya from their companions

- Fatima, Hujja of Allah hadith

* Shubuhat regarding hadith