An Introduction

In the name of the Lord of al-Zahra

بسم رب الزهراء

“O Mumtahana (Tested One, i.e, al-Zahra), you were tested by the One who created you - and he found you patient”.

يا ممتحنة امتحنك الذي خلقك فوجد لما امتحنك صابرة”

As-Salamu Alaykum brothers and sisters, 

This blog is presented to you by John Andaluso (Andaluso24) and Slave of al-Zahra. Both of us will be writing a post under their own name, this post being written by Slave of al-Zahra. 

We are starting this blog to present and analyze all sorts of Islamic topics (Quran, history, ahadith, Shi’i / Sunni discourse, etc) - and with special emphasis on our master, Sayyidat Nisa al-Alameen Fatima al-Zahra.

Why the focus on Fatima?

The reports and thoughts on the necessity of this are innumerable, but for now the following report should inshaAllah suffice in showing the utmost importance of Fatima, a lady with immense status in the eyes of Allah. 

But obviously not do enough justice for her. 

"Ma'ani al-Akhbar: 'Ilal al-Shara'i, has recorded in Bihar al-Anwar':

Al-Qattan has narrated from al-Sukkari from al-Jawhari from Mukhdaj ibn 'Umayr al-Hanafi from Bashir ibn Ibrahim al-Ansari from al-Awza'i from Yahya' ibn Abu Kathir from his father from Abu Hurayrah who has said the following:

He (the narrator) has narrated that Fatima, is named Fatima, because she keeps away from the fire those who honor and respect her." (1) 

Fatima.. and what do you know of Lady Fatima?
فاطمة.. وما أدراك ما فاطمة

Knowledge of this beautiful personality is something the entire Islamic Ummah should take lessons from. I just wish her tragedy wasn't forgotten like it is today. Her rights have been taken off her and she has been denied by many, even those who claim to 'follow' her.

I was thinking of how when I was young, I didn't know much about her museeba (‘tragedy’) till I was like 12.

At that age, I was introduced to a certain scholar who mentioned the museeba of al-Zahra - and how shes been forgotten, her life story, and just every little thing about her character and struggles (hence, our blog name ‘Al-Mumtahana’ [the Tested one]). May Allah bless this scholar's soul and lengthen his life.

I’ve come to base my whole journey in life on this great divine lady, Fatima, and to loving her and to dedicating my whole life towards her. 

Your name being mentioned O'Um al-Hassan is heavy on my heart. May you accept me as your slave. 

My wish is to do Umrah, visiting Rasul Allah and to roam the streets of Medina hoping I would call upon you O'Daughter of Habib Allah and you would be near.

My wish is to serve you, be at your service and for you to accept me as you ransom, my majesty. 

May we all sacrifice our lives for the Rayhana of Rasul Allah and his beloved. InshaAllah this blog will reflect such sentiment and dedication. 

Wa Salaam.

يا فاطمة اغيثيني 
O'Fatima Aid me!

(1) Bihar al-Anwar H 24, Ch. 2, h 8