Imam being presented with deeds of his companions

 (Al-Amali by Shaykh al-Tusi, page 413) 

“Narrated Dawud ibn Kathir al-Ruqi: 

I was sitting with Abi Abdilah [al-Sadiq] (as), wherein he began by telling me on his own accord: 

‘O Dawud, your [i.e, the Shi’a] deeds have been presented to me on Thursday. So I have seen in what was presented on to me your deed which involved honoring familial relation with the son of your uncle Fulan - and that pleased me. 

Indeed, I know of your honoring of uour familial relationship with him is of quick pace [as should be], because of his old age and upcoming death.’ 

Dawud then said: ‘And I had a defiantly disobedient, wretched nasibi son of my uncle. It had been reported to me that he and his children are of bad character. So I took out a charity [dedicated to them] before I left for Mecca. So when I came back to Medina, Abi Abdilah [al-Sadiq] informed me of [what I had done].’

929 / 77 - أخبرنا محمد بن محمد، قالأخبرنا أبو الحسن علي بن بلال المهلبي، قالحدثنا علي بن سليمان، قالحدثنا أحمد بن القاسمالهمداني، قال:

حدثنا أحمد بن محمد السياري، قالحدثنا محمد بن خالد البرقي، قالحدثنا سعيد بن مسلم، عن داود بن كثير الرقي، قالكنت جالساعند أبي عبد الله (عليه السلامإذ قال مبتدئا من قبل نفسهيا داود، لقد عرضت علي أعمالكم يوم الخميس، فرأيت فيما عرض علي من عملكصلتك لابن عمك فلان فسرني ذلك، إني علمت صلتك له أسرع لفناء عمره وقطع أجله.

قال داودوكان لي ابن عم معاندا ناصبا خبيثا، بلغني عنه وعن عياله سوء حال، فصككت له بنفقة قبل خروجي إلى مكة، فلما صرت فيالمدينة أخبرني أبو عبد الله (عليه السلامبذلك.