Lordship of the Imam does not entail independence from God

 There are a number of reports of Imam al-Sadiq where he proclaims to be Lord. The companions of the Imam were debating what exactly this lordship entails. Does it entail acting independently from Allah? 

The Imam supernaturally hears the companions debate, and tells them that his supernatural powers are merely that of an “honored servant”. In other words, his rububiya (lordship) is not independent from Allah’s will.

(Al-Kafi, vol 8, page 231)

Narrated al-Mufaddal ibn Umar: 

“I, and al-Qassim my partner, and Najm ibn Hutaym, and Salih ibn Sahl were in Medina [al-Munawara] so we debated in Rububiyah [i.e, idea of lordship of the Imam]. 

So some of told each other: What do you make of this? [i.e, in particular the idea that the Imam controls the universe independently from Allah (1)]. 

Others said: We are near him and there is no circumstance nessitating taqiyya, so let us go up to him and ask him (Imam al-Sadiq). 

So he [al-Mufaddal] said: We stood up and we did not reach the door, except that he [the Imam] exited wearing no shoe and no robe. It is as if every hair on his head stood up. 

And he was saying, “No! No! O Mufaddal, and you O Qassim and you O Najm. No! No! We are simply honored servants who do not precede Allah in speech, and by his orders - they act”. 

303 - عنه، عن صالح، عن محمد بن اورمة، عن ابن سنان، عن المفضل بن عمر قالكنت أنا والقاسم شريكي ونجم بن حطيم وصالح بنسهل بالمدينة فتناظرنا في الربوبية قالفقال بعضنا لبعضما تصنعون بهذا؟ نحن بالقرب منه وليس منا في تقية قوموا بنا إليه، قالفقمنافوالله ما بلغنا الباب إلا وقد خرج علينا بلا حذاء ولا رداء قد قام كل شعرة من رأسه منه وهو يقول لالا يا مفضل ويا قاسم ويا نجم، لالا بلعباد مكرمون لا يسبقونه بالقول وهم بأمره يعملون.


(1) Al-Amin al-Astrabadi http://shiaonlinelibrary.com/الكتب/1185_شرح-أصول-الكافي-مولي-محمد-صالح-المازندراني-ج-١٢/الصفحة_312#top