What happened to the Ghulat burned by Imam Ali?

(Nawadir al-Mu’jizat, by the Shi’i Tabari)

“When he (Imam Ali) heard that [i.e, that there were Ghulat deifying him] from them, he said: What would you like me to do with them [O People of the city of Sabat].

They said: You will burn them with fire as you burned Abdullah bin Saba and his companions. 

So he brought them and said: What made you do what you said?

They said: We have heard the words of the grunting skull and its address to you, and this is not permissible except for God Almighty, and from that we said what we said.

He, peace be upon him, said: Go back from your words and repent to God.

They said: We would not go back from what we said, so do to us what you are doing.

So he, peace be upon him, ordered that a fire be set for them, so he burned them, and when they were burned, he said: Crush them and scatter them in the wind, then crush them and scatter them in the wind.

And when it was on the third day of their burning, the people of Sabat came to him and said: 

Allah Allah! [Expression of awe]

Those whom you burned with fire have returned to their homes, and in the best of state as they were [previously]!

He, peace be upon him, said: Have I not burned them with fire, and you crushed them and scattered them in the wind?

They said: Yes. 

He, peace be upon him, said: I burned them, and God revived them (1).

فلما سمع ذلك منهم قالما تحبون أن أصنع بهم؟ قالواتحرقهم بالنار كما حرقت عبد الله بن سبأ وأصحابهفأحضرهم وقالما حملكمعلى ما قلتم؟

قالواسمعنا كلام الجمجمة النخرة ومخاطبتها إياك، ولا يجوز ذلك إلا لله تعالى، فمن ذلك قلنا ما قلنا.

فقال عليه السلامارجعوا عن كلامكم هذا، وتوبوا إلى الله.

فقالواما كنا نرجع عن قولنا، فاصنع بنا ما أنت صانع.

فأمر عليه السلام أن تضرم لهم النار، فحرقهم، فلما احترقوا، قالاسحقوهم وذروهم في الريح، فسحقوهم وذروهم في الريح.

فلما كان من اليوم الثالث من إحراقهم دخل إليه أهل ساباط وقالواالله الله في دين محمد، إن الذين أحرقتهم بالنار قد رجعوا إلى منازلهمأحسن ما كانوا!

فقال عليه السلامأليس قد أحرقتهم بالنار، وسحقتموهم وذريتموهم في الريح؟

قالوابلىقال عليه السلامأحرقتهم والله أحياهم (1).