Sayyida Fatima, True Mother of Believers


(Tafsir Furat al-Kufi)

“Narrated on the authority of Aba Abdilah [al-Sadiq] (as), that he said: 

‘(We have sent it down on the Night of al-Qadr) - [in this verse], ‘al-Qadr’ is Allah and ‘the Night’ is Fatima. 

Whoever has ma’rifa of Fatima [comprehension of the spiritual truth and status that defines her] in the way that fulfills her right, then he has realized the Night of al-Qadr.

And indeed, she was named Fatima because the creation were prevented فطموا [futimu] from have true ma’rifa of her.

As for the verses (And what can make you know what is the Night of Decree? The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months)

Meaning (Fatima) is better than a thousand believer, as she (Fatima) is the Mother of Believers.”

فرات قالحدثنا محمد بن القاسم بن عبيد معنعنا:

عن أبي عبد الله عليه السلام أنه قال: (إنا أنزلناه في ليلة القدرالليلة فاطمة والقدر الله فمن عرف فاطمة حق معرفتها فقد أدرك ليلة القدر،وإما سميت فاطمة لان الخلق فطموا عن معرفتها - أو من معرفتها الشك [من أبي القاسمأ، ب] - وقوله: (وما أدراك ما ليلة القدر؟ليلة القدرخير من ألف شهريعني خير من ألف مؤمن وهي أم المؤمنين

Examples of her duty as the believers’ mother 

A) Taking care of the orphans of Shi’i believers in heaven

(Al-Tawhid of al-Saduq, page 394)

Abu Abdullah, peace be upon him, said:

If a child of the children of the believers dies, a herald calls out in the kingdom of the heavens and the earth: 

‘Indeed, So-and-so son of So-and-so has died.’

If both of his parents died one of them, or some of his family - he is sent to them (to be taken care of them in the afterlife). 

Otherwise, he is sent to Fatima (peace be upon her) to take care of him until his parents come or one of his parents or some of his family and she sends him to them.

 روى أبو زكريا، عن أبي بصير قالقال أبو عبد الله عليه السلام:

إذا مات طفل من أطفال المؤمنين نادى مناد في ملكوت السماوات والأرضألا إن فلان بن فلان قد مات، فإن كان مات والداه أو أحدهما أوبعض أهل بيته من المؤمنين دفع إليه يغذوه، وإلا دفع إلى فاطمة عليها السلام تغذوه حتى يقدم أبواه أو أحدهما أو بعض أهل بيته فتدفعهإليه

B) Grabbing the Shi’i believers out of hell

I heard Abu Jaafar (peace be upon him) saying:

(Fatima says on Day of Judgement..)

“My God and my master you have named me Fatima and you have protected - through me - who followed me and my offspring from the fire and you promised the truth and you do not break the promise. 

God Almighty says: You have spoken the truth, Fatima. I named you Fatima, and I protected - through you - those who love you and follow you, and love your offspring and followed them, and take them away from the Fire. I promise the truth and I do not break the promise.

Indeed, I cast this (believer) slave of mine to hell so you can intercede for him.

And so that my angels, my prophets, my messengers and the people of being judged will see the extent of your high status and position with me.

So O Fatima, whomever you read between his eye tht he is a believer - grab his hands and take him to heaven.

سمعت أبا جعفر (عليه السلاميقوللفاطمة (عليها السلاموقفة على باب جهنم، فإذا كان يوم القيامة كتب بين عيني كل رجل مؤمن أوكافر فيؤمر بمحب قد كثرت ذنوبه إلى النار فتقرأ فاطمة بين عينيه محبا فتقول

إلهي وسيدي سميتني فاطمة وفطمت بي من تولاني وتولى ذريتي من النار ووعدك الحق وأنت لا تخلف الميعاد فيقول الله عز وجلصدقت يافاطمة إني سميتك فاطمة وفطمت بك من أحبك وتولاك وأحب ذريتك وتولاهم من النار ووعدي الحق وأنا لا أخلف الميعاد وإنما أمرت بعبديهذا إلى النار لتشفعي فيه فأشفعك وليتبين ملائكتي وأنبيائي ورسلي وأهل الموقف موقفك مني ومكانتك عندي فمن قرأت بين عينيه مؤمنافخذي بيده وأدخليه الجنة.

  • How can the believer go to hell?

All Shi’a are considered believers, even if their action is fasiq or wicked. Thus, a Shi’i performing wicked actions would be a believer in soul but wicked in action.

(Asl Zayd al-Narsi)

God refuses for our follower to be deemed be an immoral fasiq, regardless of his action, thus you should say:

This person is of immoral deed, evil deed. 

He is believer in soul, but of evil deed, yet good soul and body.

No, by God, none of our guardians will come out of this world except by God and His Messenger, and we are satisfied with him. God will raise him up for the sins in him, his face will be white, his nakedness is hidden, his security and his splendor, there is no fear or sadness for him.”

Wa Allahu A’lam